2017. 7. 18. Prof. Jang Wook Choi was recognized as one of highly prolific authors in Nano Letters. Congratulations! [Link]

2017. 7. 14. 최승연 박사과정이 Nano Korea 학회에서 최우수 포스터 발표 상을 받았습니다. 축하합니다! Seung-Yeon Choi receives the Best Poster Award from Nano Korea 2017 Conference. Congratulations!

2017. 5. 29. 박성현 박사가  학문후속 연구자 사업 (3년 지원)에 선정되었습니다. 축하합니다! Dr. Sung Hyeon Park was selected for individual research fellowship (3 years). Congratulations! 

2017. 3. 17. 이지훈, 박정진 박사가 각각 해외, 국내 학문후속 연구자 사업에 선정되었습니다. 축하합니다! Dr. Ji Hoon Lee and Dr. Jungjin Park were selected for international and domestic postdoc fellowship, respectively. Congratulations! 

2017. 2. 27. 임수연 박사과정이 한국여성과학기술지원센터로부터 2017년 학술활동 지원사업에 선정되었습니다. 축하합니다!

2017. 2. 24. Prof. Choi joins Young-Korea Academy of Science and Technology (차세대과학기술한림원) as a founding member [Link]

2017. 2. 17. Tae Hoon, Byung Gon, Yong-Hee, Joo-Seong, Ji Hoon, Jaeyun graduated as PhD and Dong-Joo and Seung Jong graudated as Ms. Wish the best luck with their future. 

2017. 1. 20. Prof. Choi joins the Editorial Board of Journal Materials Science and Research. [Link

2016. 12. 2. Joo-Seong receives the Next Generation Leading Engineer Award (차세대 공학리더상) from the National Academy of Engineering of Korea (한국공학한림원). Congradulations. [Link]

2016. 10. 21. Sunghun received the Best Oral Presentation Award from the Fall Meeting of the Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers (KIChE, 한국화학공학회).  Congratulations.

2016. 10. 5. I am extremely glad to hear that my PhD co-adviser Sir Fraser Stoddart is awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry this year [Link]. This award reminds me of my PhD period and his recent stay in my department at KAIST as Distinguished Professor (see pics below). Big congrats, Fraser! JWC. 
Chooseok holiday dinner near KAIST in 2011 with his NU group members

After our Nature paper publication, before my PhD graduation, in 2007. With Bonnie, Fraser, and Jim. 

2016. 8. 28. Amalina received the Best Research Award from URP Contest. Congratulations. 

2016. 7. 21. Prof. Choi's interview with ChemNanoMat is published online [Link]

2016. 7. 19. Hyeon Jeong is selected for the Global PhD Fellowship from NRF. Congratulations. 

2016. 5. 24. Prof. Choi received Annual Research Award 2015 from KAIST. Congratulations.

2016. 5. 4. Ji Hoon received the Best Oral Presentation Award from the Spring Meeting of the Korean Society of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (한국공업화학회).  Congratulations. 

2016. 5. 4. Hyeon Jeong received the Best Poster Presentation Award from the Spring Meeting of the Korean Society of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (한국공업화학회).  Congratulations. 

2016. 4. 14. Group alumnus, Prof. Myung-Hyun Ryou, was promoted to Associate Professor at Hanbat National University. He also received the prestigious research award, ParkSooMoon Award, from the Korean Electrochemical Society. Congratulations.

2016. 3. 1. Prof. Choi received tenure. Congratulations. 

2016. 2. 3. You Kyeong received Bronze Award in Samsung Humantech Paper Competition. Congratulations. 

2016. 1. 26. The Team of Prof. Choi, Joo-Seong, Jin Hong Ha, and Prof. Jinho Lee received the Best Award from the EEWS Business Competition. Congratulations.  

2016. 1. 15. Dr. Sangryun Kim received KAIST Insitutute (KI) Postdoc Fellowship. Congratulations.

2015. 12. 22. Prof. Choi received Young Scientist Award (젊은과학자상) from the President of Korea. Congratulations. [연합뉴스], [네이버], [매일경제], etc. 

2015. 11. 24. Chan Sun and Kwan Woo successfully defended their PhD thesis. They are the second and third PhDs from the NEST. Congratulations. 

2015. 10.29. Ji Hoon received the best paper award from KAIST Institute NanoCentury workshop. Congratulations. 

2015. 10. 16. Ji Hoon received SejinCI Poster Award from KCS at the KCS fall meeting. Congratulations. 

2015. 10. 15. Prof. Choi received the Knowledge Creation Award (지식창조대상) from the Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning for the total citation of the top 1% cited papers. [연합뉴스][경향신문][국민일보][중앙일보], etc.

2015. 10. 15. Prof. Choi received the National Excellent Research Award (국가연구개발 우수성과) from the Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning.  

2015. 8. 13. Dong Jun leaves the NEST group and is going to the Stoddart Group at Northwestern University, USA for his postdoc. We wish the best luck with his career and future. 

2015. 6. 26. The graphene-coated Si anode work is introduced by various media. [Link1], [Link2], [Link3], [Link4]

2015. 5. 19. The NEST group congratulates Dong Jun on his successful PhD defense. Dong Jun is the first PhD from the NEST group. 

2015. 5. 17. The NEST group welcomes a new internship undergraduate student, Jeonghoon Choi, from GeorgiaTech, BME. 

2015. 4. 30. Congratulation, Soo Yeon and Byung Gon, on the renewal of Global PhD Fellowship from NRF. 

2015. 3. 18. Our recent co-planar flexible battery work was highlighted in various media:

2015. 3. 1. The NEST group welcomes new MS students, Dong-Joo Yoo and Seung Jong Lee

2015. 2. 16. Joo-Seong received Creative Research Award given to one Mater graduate over the entire KAIST departments. Congratulation!

2014. 12. 23. Prof. Choi received 2014 KAIST Technology Innovation Award. Congratulation!

2014. 12. 21. Amalina, an undergrad researcher in our group, was selected for the URP program from JAN~JUN `2015. She will work on a wearable battery project. Congratulation!

2014. 11. 12. Prof. Choi joined the Editorial Board of ChemNanoMat (Wiley-VCH) [Link]. 

2014. 10.23. Soo Yeon received Best Poster Award from Korean Electrochemical Society Spring Meeting. Congratulation! 

2014. 9. 10. Joo-Seong's AFM paper on Li-S battery was selected as a Frontpiece article [Link]. 

2014. 9. 3. Our wearable battery work was introduced as "KAIST breakthrough" [Link]. 

2014. 7. 1. Joo-Seong's AFM paper on Li-S battery was selected as most accessed article in AFM in June `2014.

2014. 6. 29. Dr. Dae Soo Jung got offered a researcher position at Korea Institutue of Ceramic Engineering and Technology (한국세라믹기술원). He will start his new position on September 1st. Congratulation!

2014. 6. 27. Tae Hoon received best post award at KAIST Institute NanoCentury workshop. Congratulation!

2014. 5. 30. Prof. Choi received "Scientist of this Month" award from the Daejeon city (대전시 이달의 과학자상). Congratulation! 

2014. 5. 14. Dr. Dae Soo Jung received the best oral presentation award (구두발표상) from The Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers (KIChE) fall meeting `2013 (한국화학공학회 2013년 가을총회). Congratulation! 

2014. 5. 2. Soo Yeon's recent sodium battery work was selected as the best research outcome this year from the neutron diffraction user association (한국중성자이용협회). Congratulation. 

2014. 3. 9. The NEST group welcomes a new postdoc, Dr. Tushar J. Trivedi from the Kumar group at CSIR-CSMCRI, India.  

2014. 3. 3. The NEST group welcomes a new postdoc, Dr. Sangryun Kim from the Kanno group at Tokyo Institute of Technology.  

2014. 3. 3. The NEST group welcomes new MS students, Hyeonjeong Lee and Hye Jin Kim. 

2014. 1. 28. Soo Yeon receives Gold Medal in the Samsung Humantech Research Competition. Congrats!
임수연 학생이 삼성휴먼텍 연구 경진대회에서 에너지/환경부분 금상에 선정되었습니다. 축하합니다!

2013. 12. 4. Our wearable battery work (Youtube linkwas 
: the most read article in Nano Letters in November/December 2013 
: featured in Nature [Link
: selected as one of top 10 power management news in EE times Europe [Link].

2013. 12. 4. Our recent Li-S battery work was featured as Frontpiece Article in Advanced Materials [Link]. 

2013. 11. 20. Prof. Choi has joined the Editorial Board of Scientific Reports

2013. 11. 14. Our recent wearable battery work was highlighted in various media
Domestic: [중앙일보], [동아일보], [매경], [YTN interview], etc.
International: [Scientific American], [C&EN], [], [ScienceDaily], [Nanowerk], [Med-Tech], etc.

2013. 11. 6. Our recent PEMFC paper was featured as Cover Story in J. Materials Chemistry A. 

2013. 10. 23. Dr. Dae Soo Jung was selected for the prestigious postdoc fellowship from the Korean NRF (이공분야학문후속세대양성사업). Congratulation!

2013. 7. 15. Dr. Jung's PNAS paper was introduced by multiple domestic and international media.
[Time] [C&EN] [nanowerk] [THE HINDU] [조선Biz] [중앙일보], etc. 

2013. 6. 26. Group alumnus, Dr. Myung-Hyun Ryou, got offered for Assistant Professor position at Hanbat National University. Congratulation!

2013. 6. 4. Byung Gon and Soo Yeon are selected as Global PhD fellows from the Korean NRF. Congratulation! 

2013. 5.20. Mie came from DTU as a visiting student. Welcome!

2013. 04. The Byung Gon's Li-Air battery work was covered in international media. [Link

2013. 03. The Myung-Hyun's mussel binder was featured as a Frontpiece Article in Advanced Materials. 

2013. 02. Myung-Hyun left the group for his postdoc in Martin Winter's group at University of Munster in Germany. Good luck!

2013. 02. The Group welcomes a new PhD student Jaeyun Min from SK Innovation and new MS students, Sung Hun Choi (Interdisciplinary) and Seung-Yeon Choi (EEWS). 

2013. 02. Master student Tae Hoon Hwang received the Creative Research Award for his outstanding research on the silicon battery anodes. This Award was given to only one individual among all of the Master graduates. 

2013. 02. Prof. Choi shares the Collaboration Award with Prof. Haeshin Lee in the chemistry department. This Award is given to only one team in the entire campus. 

2013. 01 Myung-Hyun's paper on mussel-inspired binders published in Advanced Materials was covered by a multiple international media. 

[Nanowerk], [C&EN], etc.

2012. 11. Joo-Seong's paper on manganese spinel cathodes published in Nano Letters was covered by a multiple domestic media. 

[매일경제], [연합뉴스], [YTN], [KAIST News], etc. 

2012.10  The recent work on anisotropic volume expansion of Si anodes was covered by a multiple domestic media [Link]. 

2012.09 Prof. Choi was promoted to Associate Professor. 

2012.06 Myung-hyun's paper was published as an Inside Cover story in Advanced Energy Materials. 

2012.04 The NEST group was selected as a National Research Lab from the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology of Korea. 

2012.02 Yong-Hee and You Kyung joined the group as MS students. Welcome!

2011.12 Our grephene supercapacitor work was selected as one of top 10 KAIST R&D Projects!

2011.10 Dongjun joined the group as a PhD student. Welcome!

2011.08 JiHoon Joined the group as an MS student. Welcome!

2011.05 Our separator work was introduced in 매일경제

2011.02 Dr. Shakoor and Dr. Shin joined the group as postdocs. Welcome!

2011.01 Tae Hoon, Soo Yeon, and Byung Gon  joined the group as master students. Welcome!

2010.07 Jang Wook arrived at KAIST and stated a new lab

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